Dataplan provide a service that is efficient, fast and are very knowledgeable about payroll for education

Rickmanworth School

Meet the team

Here are some of our team members:


Richard Rowell - Managing Director

Stewart Waddell - Operations Director

Adele Blackham - Client Services Director

Project / Implementation Team

Jane Sleight - Head of Project Team

Josh Donner - Project Manager

Adam Sheard - Project Manager

Richard Jackson - Project Manager

Laura Beckett - Project Manager

Mark Everard - Project Manager

Alex Hay - Development Manager

Laura Woods - Learning and Development Manager

Pensions & Payments Team

Phyliss Downs - Head of Pensions

Suzi Perrin - Team Manager (Pensions)

George Serls - Pensions Project Manager

Jack Simpson - Pensions and Payments Professional

Matthew Kurz - Pensions and Payments Professional

Craig Watford - Pensions and Payments Professional

Glen Parry - Pensions Professional

Karen Wilde - Penions Professional

Jo Lawler - Pensions Professional

Jo Gill - Pensions Professional

Martin Davis - Pensions Professional

Marie Hall - Pensions Professional

Tracey Spencer - Pensions Professional

Christine Harrison - Pensions Administrator

Grace Forster - Pensions Administrator

Sam Foster - Pensions Administrator

Education Management team

Jill Shanks - Head of Education

Jennie Kirwan - Team Manager

Kate Leo - Team Manager

Sue Rutter - Team Manager

Nicola Denison - Assistant Manager

Education Payroll Team

Leanne Crawford - Payroll Professional

Lyndsey Dunderdale - Payroll Professional 

Ian Nicholson - Payroll Professional 

Kirsty Freeman - Payroll Professional 

Laura Greenwood - Payroll Professional 

Iain Tomlinson - Payroll Professional

Jacqui Bacon - Payroll Professional

David Linford - Payroll Professional

Chris Hickson - Payroll Professional

Eleanor Johnstone - Payroll Professional

Ellie Osborne - Payroll Professional

Sarah Boans - Payroll Professional

Carol Clements - Payroll Professional

Anita Lee - Payroll Professional

Charlotte Chesman - Payroll Professional

Chloe Gibbin - Payroll Professional

Daniel Croft - Payroll Professional

Dawn Charlton - Payroll Professional

Edward Bergdahl - Payroll Professional

Jayne Rowbotham - Payroll Professional

Karen Bowles - Payroll Professional

Molly Chester - Payroll Professional

Shannon Marshall - Payroll Professional

Lauren Balderson - Payroll Administrator

Mica Chase - Payroll Administrator

Compliance & HR

Paul Chappell - PAYE / NI Compliance Manager

Ben Fearn - PAYE / NI Compliance Manager

Lesley Morrison - HR Manager

Dianne Taylor -  HR Consultant

Customer Services Team

Kay Graves 

Kate Birch

Lucy Brighton

Customer services can be contacted on 03331 128000 or