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Rickmanworth School

Vera online - Payroll, HR, Pensions

Meet Vera - our online dashboard and your new best friend.

Your school or academy is full of data. Payroll data, HR data, employee records, pension information, the list goes on. Being able to quickly analyse or even view this data is usually difficult because it exists in ‘silos’.

Vera solves this problem!

At the heart of the system is your employee data. Vera gives you a simple dashboard and set of tools to access, manipulate and manage payroll, HR and pension information for your employees all in one place.

Vera allows you to process your payroll changes, manage HR data and tasks and including pension communications. And, because Vera is web-based, there is no software to purchase or install and the system is available 24/7.

Streamline processes

With time a valuable commodity, Vera can help you streamline processes, such as generating employee Salary Statements which, with Vera, can now be done at a touch of a button, reviewed and despatched to your employee.

Multiple views of your data

Sometimes you need to see an overview of your data, but at other times having an employee-centric view is invaluable. With Vera you can do both, as all the data is linked, so if you want to see a salary history of an employee you can without having to access all the payroll data.

Absence Management tools

Managing absence is an area where Vera is invaluable to your school. Not only does she give you the tools to track and monitor absences, she also gives you a system to handle processes such as return to work procedures. Through Vera you can also monitor and spot any trends or triggers that may indicate a potential problem so you can take action earlier.

Comprehensive reporting

Vera has been designed to allow you flexibility in how you view and access your data. You can drill down to view in multiple ways; by period, department or employee. We have also integrated new ways of presenting the information such as heatmaps and even calendar views.

See everything Vera can do for you

The functionality of Vera has been designed around your needs and includes -

• All your employee details stored in a secure place
• HR and contract information
• Salary and pay information
• Rights to work information
• Absences tracking and holidays recording


 • Archived payroll reports
• Employee payslip information
• Changes to bank details
• Manage starters and leavers
• Easy and accurate payroll data entry with SmartForms
• ePayslips
• Employee intranet
• Employee area to store pay related documents such as P11D’s
• Pension management and auto enrolment communications 


• Employee contract management including multiple roles
• Holiday monitoring
• Qualifications and training
• Disciplinary tracking
• Absence management including tracking, alerting and return to work processes
• Alerts about key payroll and HR tasks
• Reminder alerts for employee changes or key dates

How do you get Vera?

To find out more information about Vera and how it could help your business, please contact us on 03331 128000 or click here for a call back.