Let’s get down to what’s important

Deciding on a provider to outsource your payroll and pension returns is an important decision. After all, making sure your staff are paid accurately, on time and that you are fully compliant is a pretty big deal.

There are many options for your school or academy, from payroll departments within accountancy firms to large outsourcing bureaus. So why should you consider Dataplan Education?

Not all payroll companies are created equal

We’ve been processing payrolls since 1969, but in 2007 we recognised that we needed to separate our education clients from our corporate clients in order to provide a bespoke education service.

By having a dedicated Education business, we are able to immerse ourselves in the differences and complexities of education payrolls and pensions. After talking to schools about what is important to them, it also allowed us to structure our business to meet their needs.

Service is everything

The message we get constantly from schools is that they want named contacts and teams who understand their payroll and school. Dealing with an unknown contact from a pool of processors is frustrating and makes the job of payroll so much harder!

That’s why all our clients are given a dedicated contact and team. These are people you can get to know and who know you and your school payroll. This works brilliantly and is one of the main reasons we win and keep our education clients.

“What an absolute credit to Dataplan, he is efficient, effective, accurate and makes the monthly payroll process almost a pleasant experience.” MAT client

Find out more about our approach to client care.

Value for money

With resources stretched, cost is always a priority for schools. But what is the cost of peace of mind and getting it right?

We believe in providing value for money, not just stripping out costs for a low payslip price at the expense of service. So the price we quote will be the price you pay and no hidden extras such as P45 filing.

We live and breathe education payrolls

Our teams only work on education clients, so they understand the complexities of school payrolls including teacher’s pay scales, salary structures and Teachers’ pension filing.

Why place your payroll in the hands of people who are more used to dealing with business payrolls when you can work with true education specialists?

In-depth understanding of education pensions

We handle all Teacher’s Pension and LGPS Pension returns, whether annual or increasingly monthly. We will handle your pension administration and reporting as part of our payroll service. We even have a Pension Innovation Team who are a leading voice in the Education Pension sector, working with all pension providers to help shape the industry. You can’t get better than that!

Technology driving efficiency

We’ve talked about the importance of people, but we also believe in the role technology plays in delivering a streamlined and efficient service. That’s why we have invested in our in-house team of developers to create our powerful systems and platforms.

Our vision is for technology to do the ‘heavy lifting’ of payroll processing, leaving our people to do the things they do best – building client relationships, providing personal service and looking for new and better ways of doing things.

Check out VERA our online HR and payroll dashboard and our ePayslips solution.

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements with one of our payroll experts, we’d love to have a chat with you!

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