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Rickmanworth School

Academy Payroll Service

With the number of open Academies in the UK now approaching 3,500 there is an ever greater need for quality Academy payroll services as an alternative to the Local Authority.

But the level of payroll expertise and the complexity of terms and conditions and pensions mean that an education sector expert is the only alternative

For Academies and Multi Academy trusts there are other considerations and payroll needs beyond Local Authority schools who have simply made a decision to outsource.

Two typical academy payroll scenarios that need industry expertise would be 

1) Academies are typically a scheme employer for Teachers' Pension and LGPS meaning that they need to establish their employerstatus and report directly into these schemes rather than through the local authority.

2) Multi Academy Trusts (MAT's) come in all shapes and sizes but there are often excellent opportunities to achieve standardisation of input and reporting. There are also further opportunities to access and report on information from across the Trust. Further information on the payroll and HR for multi academy trusts 

In addition to getting employees paid on time and accurately, providing the information you need before paydate, we act for many Academies delivering a fast and friendly payroll service, ensuring you have all of the information you need to carry out your employer duties. 

Our Academy payroll Service includes

  • Delivered by a specialist education payroll team 
  • Dedicated processor for delivering a personal service 
  • Processing of pay for all teaching and support staff 
  • Processing all PAYE / NI / Pension / Other deductions 
  • Providing reports and management information for online approval before pay day 
  • Payment of salaries by BACS once agreed
  • Payment of all other deductions
  • Production of month end reports / journals for your finance systems 
  • Completion of monthly HMRC filing requirements under RTI
  • Completion of year end work required by HMRC 
  • Providing End of Year Certificates P60’s for staff (printed or electronic) 
  • All delivered by a specialist education sector based in the UK
We also offer pension services and HR services for schools or if you would like to finad out more about payroll for academies and academy payroll simply access our academy payroll quote here