Dataplan provide a service that is efficient, fast and are very knowledgeable about payroll for education

Rickmanworth School

Are you an Academy or considering Academy status?

With many more schools now moving to an Academy status, one of the many benefits is the greater autonomy this gives you not only in your curriculum and admissions but also your budget control and teachers' and support staff pay.

For schools making the move, this is also an ideal opportunity to move their payroll away from their LA to a commercial payroll provider. Many schools simply accept payroll service from their LA without looking at the alternatives that offer improved deadline, problem resolution, quality of service and better value for money.

One other trend we are seeing is that on conversion to an Academy many LA's are withdrawing support for the payroll services that they previously offered.

Outsourcing your payroll to a specialist education payroll firm like Dataplan Education can free up your resources and deliver real value for money.

What implications will a move to Academy status have on our payroll?

Dataplan Education has a number of Academies as clients plus existing school clients who have made the move to Academy status. The implications for the payroll are not as complex or daunting as may first appear. We have helped many Academies through this process which is broadly –

  • Setup your new bank account
  • Create a BACS facility - this can take 6 weeks so start early 
  • Register your new Academy for PAYE
  • Transfer staff across by completing forms P45’s on the old PAYE scheme
  • Add all of your employees as new starters on the new PAYE scheme
  • Complete a any necessary HMRC filing for the end of your scheme to bring it to a close
  • For Teachers pension purposes employees will also need to be dealt with as leavers and starters. You achieve this through forms TR6 and TR8
  • Payroll is processed as normal

If you are an Academy or are looking into changing your status to one and would like to discuss the implications for your payroll, please call to talk to one of our education experts on 0845 900 0273 or contact us about converting to an Academy.