Dataplan provide a service that is efficient, fast and are very knowledgeable about payroll for education

Rickmanworth School

How easy is it to move?

Whether your payroll is with the LA or are already with another payroll provider you are unhappy with, Dataplan Education ensure the transfer of your payroll is pain free.

Dedicated transfer team

We appoint a dedicated project team to help you through the process.  Their job is to take you through each stage, manage all of your payroll needs and settle you in.

Liaise with LA or existing provider

We will contact your LEA or existing provider to get the information we need to help ensure a smooth transfer.

Payroll accuracy

We often find that there are existing errors in payrolls when we take them over. At the initial stages of set-up our payroll team will be working with you to ensure the highest level of accuracy from the outset.

Speed of transfer

With 45 years of experience in managing payrolls, we have the experience to ensure the transfer and setting up of your first payroll is quick and efficient.

Handling queries

Once you have made the decision to outsource your payroll, the last thing you want is to have to handle any queries from staff. Dataplan Education will help you answer employee queries.

Smoothing the transfer

In order to help you and your staff with the transition we can offer your staff a drop-in-day to go through any payroll issues they may have.

Honest pricing

The price we quote is the price you will pay. So no nasty surprises at year end.

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