Dataplan provide a service that is efficient, fast and are very knowledgeable about payroll for education

Rickmanworth School

HR Service for schools and Academies

Many schools now outsource their payroll as it simply isn't economical and the risks are too great to process within the school.

However, schools that have outsourced their payroll often need some form of HR support. The level of support needed depends upon the resources and expertise on hand within the school or Academy or sponsor.

Firstly, we have developed our systems to provide schools with a level of HR support through a HR dashboard. This gives you access to key HR information about your employees.

Key features include

  • Central dashboard with a to-do / task list and required actions
  • Smartforms to allow you to process updates using data you already hold
  • Staffing and HR overview
  • Access to individual employee records 
  • Upcoming action tracker 
  • Employee / Employer / Dataplan communications 
  • Absence tracking / notifications / reporting / return to work processes
  • Produce and distribute salary statements 
  • Contracts overview (when Contract Administration option taken) 
  • Comprehensive school reporting 

Available to all schools this service provides many with all of the HR information the school will need, particularly where there are either HR people within the school or you already have a preferred supplier of HR services.

For others, where greater hands on HR is required we work across the UK with a number of Strategic Partners delivering a wide range and style of HR support services. 

At Dataplan Education we take a very pragmatic approach to HR support. We do not insist that you use our services or that of a provider. What we do is open up your payroll and other employee data to provide an HR platform with key information for your school. 

We then work with either your preferred HR provider for transactional and strategic HR services or we are more than happy to introduce you to one of our strategic partners depending on your specific needs.

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