Our online dashboard and your new best friend

Your school or academy is full of data about your employees, but all too often this data exists in ‘silos’ and it is very difficult to get an employee view of the information. Whilst developing VERA we talked to schools and they told us of their frustrations;

  • Having to input employee data across multiple systems
  • Systems not ‘talking’ to each other
  • Frustrations at not being able to do simple things, like view employee payroll history, easily
  • Rigid reporting and analysis that did not allow to drill down into the data
  • Non-user friendly interfaces

Vera solves all these problems, and more.

Introducing VERA

vera hr online dashboardVERA brings together your payroll, HR and pension data and allows you to access and manipulate that data.

Vera presents each school / Academy or MAT with an HR view of their employees, allowing you to drill down into payroll data and also handle routine tasks such as tracking changes to contracts, absence management and handling communications with our payroll team.

Here's what VERA can do for your school:

  • Secure online payroll submission, approval and archiving
  • Web based so no software to install and is available 24/7 whenever you have web access
  • All employee data is gathered in one place allowing you an employee-centric view
  • Pension management and auto enrolment communications
  • Flexibility on how you view and access your payroll, HR and pension information be period, employee, department or school
  • A full range of sickness absence tools
  • Powerful reporting tools including heatmaps and calendar views
  • Prompt and reminders for key tasks

Key features

  • Central dashboard with a to-do / task list and required actions
  • Smartforms to allow you to process updates using data you already hold
  • Staffing and HR overview
  • Access to individual employee records
  • Easy communication between Employee / Employer / Dataplan
  • Absence tracking, notifications and reporting
  • Return to work processes
  • Produce salary and distribute salary statements
  • Contracts overview (when Contracts Administration option taken)
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Pension management and auto enrolment communications
  • View of payroll input / approval and payment dates
  • Manage employees ePayslip accounts
  • Online ticket system to track your ‘Ask VERA’ messages

If you would like to see a free demo of VERA, contact us or call 03331 128000