Tailored HR support that fits around your requirements

Our HR solutions are flexible and will work around your current HR provision and needs.

Typically we find there are 4 scenarios of how our educations clients want us to provide HR solutions:

  1. Working with your in-house HR team
  2. Working with your preferred HR supplier
  3. Working with our preferred HR supplier
  4. Dataplan Education providing your HR provision

We don’t dictate the way you should work with us as we have learnt over the years that there are many different ways in which HR support is required in schools depending on the level of in-house resource and past relationships and systems.

Trust our expertise working with schools, academies and MATS

Dataplan HR consultants are experienced not only in HR but specifically in education HR. We understand the complexities and challenges of HR within an educational setting and have many years' experience providing proactive HR support to schools, academies and MATs.

The world of Education is a fast changing one.  With any changes come implications for staffing issues.

With staffing issues comes complexity. If you don’t handle Employment Relation issues right, the cost and time you need to take corrective action can be a great burden.

We have strong connections with the national decision makers in London so we are able to get to the route of new changes at an early stage rather than react to new initiatives at the last minute.