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Rickmanworth School

Multi Academy Trust Services - MAT payroll, pensions and HR

Without doubt Multi Academy Trusts continue to grow and will be a dominant force in Education going forward. The level of centralisation and cost sharing within these trusts does vary significantly with some operating as a central services function while others operate at strategic levels only.

However, from a payroll perspective the introduction of MAT’s creates a number of opportunities for standardising services and making available new features not previously available. 

We have been working with a number of MAT’s over the last 5 years to deliver a superior service with enhancements beyond that available to Academies in isolation. The following is a brief list of the enhancement that be delivered within an MAT. 

  • Standardised input
  • SmartForms
  • Central Review and approval of payroll data
  • Consistent reporting  
  • Relationships with our teams
  • Standardised reporting across the group
  • Group user access
  • Global reporting
  • HR interface
  • Absence Management tracking
  • HR Interrogation
  • Payslip online view
  • ePayslips
  • Self-service
  • Intranet and broadcast messaging
  • Smartphone Apps
  • External Audit
  • User groups and training / onsite meetings
  • CIPP approved
In addition to payroll, pension and HR services for Multi Academy Trusts MAT's can benefit from a range of other services from our partner businesses. To find out more see our full academy services page.