Dataplan provide a service that is efficient, fast and are very knowledgeable about payroll for education

Rickmanworth School

No Sales People?

What No Sales people?

One of the things Dataplan Education is committed to is payroll expertise at every level of our organisation. For that reason we have made the decision never to employ sales people.

We often get asked if we could arrange for one of our ‘sales people’ to visit a school and discuss their payroll requirements. We have to say ‘no’. No to a sales person visiting but yes to an informed conversation with one of our education payroll specialists.

What’s wrong with sales people?

Sales people have a specific set of skills and can learn about a product or service that they are selling and the benefits to the client. But we don’t want to ‘sell’ to our school clients, we want to work with them in partnership to deliver the best payroll solution to meet their requirements. And to do that we believe you need the in-depth technical knowledge of education payroll, pay scales, teacher’s pensions, LGPS and our systems that only qualified payroll professionals have.

So if you want the peace of mind of being able to get a quote for the most effective and value payroll service for your school or academy, give us a call on 03331 128000 and speak to one of our Education Payroll Specialists or use our payroll quote form.