Here’s what you need to consider when deciding on your next payroll and pension partner

Although there are processes and data involved in payroll, don’t forget that at the heart of a good outsourcing experience is trust in the provider and confidence in the people you are dealing with. For the arrangement to work there needs to be a solid understanding of the capabilities and services being provided.

Specialist expertise

There are many payroll providers out there processing millions of payslips every month. But just because they have experience with businesses, doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best choice for your school. The complexities of school payrolls are unique and need a team with specific, relevant and up-to-date experience.

Supplier or partner?

The best approach is one of partnership. 

You want to be working with a payroll provider who is not purely interested in short term gains but who wants to act for your organisation for many years to come and be proactive in their solutions and recommendations to you.

Personal Service

Think about how you want the day-to-day running of your relationship with your payroll provider to work. Do you want a named contact or team who you can build a relationship with and who knows your school and payroll?

Often it is the small details like this that are overlooked in the purchasing stage, but that are something you and your staff will have to deal with every day.

Proactive recommendations

You may need a provider to slot into your existing systems and processes, and cause the least possible change. Does the provider dictate their software, systems a processes that are at odds with what you currently do?

You should also consider, however, whether there could be improvements in your workflow and processes, so what is your provider’s approach to giving pro-active recommendations for improvements?

Technical Innovation

Payroll may not have traditionally been viewed as a high-tech function, but increasingly new technology is instigating improved efficiencies and adding value to the service.

Find out from your potential provider what is their approach to technology and investing in innovation and review any technology they have such as ePayslips and payroll portals.

The world of payroll and pension regulations and compliance is ever-changing so you need a provider who is set up to be able to respond to these changes quickly and efficiency, and not be held back by inefficient legacy systems.

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