A great option for your school and your employees

Technology is revolutionising the way we conduct our business and personal lives. Payroll is no different, yet many employees are still receiving bits of paper every month with their payroll information, even though many transactions such as banking are carried out online.

ePayslips have been around for a while, but rather than just follow an email distribution model we opted for a web-based solution by creating the ePayslip portal.

More than just an electronic payslip

Our ePayslip service provides an employee self-service portal to securely deliver pay and other information and allow a secure two-way communication with employees. The service includes:

  • Employee portal branded to your school / Academy / MAT
  • Free access to branded smartphone app for (iPhone / Android and Windows phones)
  • Delivery of ePayslips / eP60s / P11Ds and much more
  • Secure staff messaging system from employee to school or HR department
  • Intranet capabilities for delivering information such as updates

This service is free where all employees use ePayslips. If you need a mix of ePayslips and printed payslips the service remains free on the understanding that the school / Academy prints payslips for employees not signed up.

What are the benefits of ePayslips for you as an employer?

  • Reduced cost – savings on paper, printing and postage
  • Speed – epayslip distribution is instant
  • Reduce queries – no more requests for copy payslips, P60’s and P11Ds
  • Employee self-service – employees can make changes to their own details such as change of address
  • Employee communications – ePayslips works like a secure intranet and allows you to communicate and deliver key documents to your employees

What are the benefits of ePayslips to your employees?

  • Instant access to payslips information
  • Easy access via PC or mobile device (via our app)
  • Access to pay information 24/7, including historical payslips
  • Access to the latest documents such as staff handbooks, Auto enrolment communications etc.