Working with you to support your Gender Pay Gap obligations

Since the introduction of Gender Pay Gap Reporting, school academies and multi-academy trusts have been in the spotlight with twenty three of the 50 organisations with the largest gender pay gaps so far being academies of MATs.

Education organisations with over 250 employees, on their snapshot date, are required to calculate and publish their gender pay data against six statutory calculations. If you are an existing payroll client then the good news is that we will already have the necessary snapshot data needed to help you comply with the legislation. If you are not an existing payroll client, we can hand-hold you through the snapshot data collection process so you are able to provide a gender pay gap report.

The need for diving deeper into the data

gender pay gap reportingAddressing gender pay gaps is something that is going to be a focus for schools and more complicated than the top-line figures may suggest, with factors such as the percentage of part-time workers having an impact.

In order to put strategies in place to address any specific issues, what will be required is data to shine a light on the situation. Many organisations want to drill down deeper into the data and show further analysis and breakdowns, and our Gender Pay Gap service allows them to do this.

Our full Gender Pay Gap Service

The Gender Pay Gap service is available to both clients and non-clients and we have a variety of solutions including:

  • Fully compliant report ready for publication on the gender pay gap portal
  • Branded report infographic with editable narrative ready for publishing on your website
  • Employee level breakdown of hourly pay calculations, bonus calculations and quarterly calculations with scope for further analysis
  • Analysis by schools with the Trust, departments etc.
  • Final snapshot data along with omissions of non-full pay relevant employees
  • Correct apportionment of calculations to cater for multiple job roles with full-time/term-time working conditions

If you are interested in finding out more about our Gender Pay Gap Service please contact us 03331 128000 or submit a web enquiry.