Remove the administration headache of auto enrolment and pension contributions and filing

Pensions is an area where complicated rules and ever-changing legislation can make it difficult for schools to keep on top of compliance.

As education specialists we have the expertise to understand the complexities surrounding Teacher’s Pension (TP) and Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) regulations and reporting requirements. Our pension service takes on the administrative workload as part of our payroll service.

Peace of mind that we’ve got it covered

We can handle both your auto-enrolment and pension reporting. We have experience working with contractual pension schemes and statutory pension’s schemes.

Education pensions are extremely complex but our pension team are on hand to deliver a streamlines service, including the filing of paperwork for starts, leavers, contract changes, contracts and returns.

We are able to pick up the pension process from where payroll processing ends, handling all data submissions, monthly and annual returns as well as dealing with any resulting queries.

Our pension service includes:

  • Processing of pension contributions through payroll
  • Payment to appropriate provider
  • Completion of monthly returns for Teachers and Local Government Pensions
  • Completion of annual service and contribution returns for each scheme

Our Pension Service also provides the interface between you and the pension scheme / local authority (non Academies) ensuring all necessary changes are processed.

This includes:

  • New starter and leaver notifications
  • Change of employee details including contracts / names / addresses
  • Service history calculation / queries
  • Maternity / Paternity reporting and adjustments

Auto Enrolment adds additional requirements for employers that we include in our Pensions Service

  • Assess and, where necessary, auto enrol employees each period
  • Process employees opting in and out of pension and ceasing contributions
  • Provide you with an employee status report each period
  • Employee communications (via letter or ePayslips)

Driving innovation in our pension service

Our in-house pension, innovation and IT development teams working closely together. Our Innovation Team are tasked with looking for ways to make improvements and increase efficiency, the work with the pension administrators improved. Our IT developers then use technology to help achieve these efficiencies.

We have invested in creating automated systems, driven by AI that simplify the data validation process and automatically upload the data to the pension fund overnight. The automated process then helps us to capture and data queries that come back from the pension scheme.

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