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Pension for schools & Academies

Pension has often been seen as the poor relation to payroll and HR. However for schools and Academies having an effective service for both Teachers' Pension (TP) and Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is an essential consideration when outsourcing.

In many cases pensions are overlooked when considering outsourcing or the Local Authority have previously not identified the costs for the schools in delivering the service as they are bundled either with finance, HR or payroll costs. 

Pensions for Local Authority Schools

When your school is under the control of the Local Authority, they are the employer for TP and LGPS purposes. The school must file information for employee starters, leavers and changes in addition to completing monthly and annual returns, certificates etc and remitting pension contributions.

Pensions for Academies

With an Academy,  they are the scheme employers and the same information and returns are required. However, these are sent directly to TP and whoever manages the local LGPS

Auto Enrolment a further factor

We are now in a new regime of auto enrolment and if you havent already reached your staging date then you will do over the next few years. While the additional uptake of pensions in the education sector isn't expected to be high there is a further raft statutory of requirements on employers creating additional administration work. Schools and Academies are not exempt from Auto Enrolment. 

Fully Managed Pension services

What service do we need? It depends on whether you are an Acadmy or a school and what level of ability and resources you have available. 

We have two principle services, pension essentials and pension mangement and custom solutions to fit all scenarios.

Pension essentials ensures that employees are opted in / out of the pension schemes, contributions are calculated correctly and all monthly / annual filing is completed. 99% of our customers choose this option.

Pension management is a more comprehensive solution that provides an ongoing form filling / pension communication for changes plus an employee communication service required with auto enrolment.

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