12 new starters with Dataplan Education

3 Weeks into their Dataplan Education career journey

2022 has seen significant growth for Dataplan Education as more schools and trusts choose our payroll and pensions managed service.

Back in 2020, we started our Career Switcher programme, which looked to bring in professionals from other walks of life with transferable skills and put them through our rigorous training and development programme.

January 2023 saw our largest cohort of career switchers due to a significant recruitment push, bringing in 12 recruits across a diverse spectrum of industries. However, what they do have in common are good transferrable skills with a desire to forge a career path with progression opportunities.

We checked in on them three weeks into the training to get feedback on why they chose payroll as a career and how they are finding the programme.

The reasons for change

Our past successes with Career Switchers have shown that people can come from a variety of backgrounds. What is important is their attitude, desire to learn and make payroll their career.

Jenny Dehalle, a Hairdresser for 16 years, decided she wanted a career change, and the prospect of a change in direction seemed manageable to Jenny. In addition, she felt her ability to communicate with people and work alongside numbers were transferrable skills that gave her a good start toward her new Payroll position.

Eszter Stamler came from a career in recruitment and HR but was looking for a new challenge.

Ivana Hilton, previously working within Complex Mental Health Services, was looking for a career within a stable environment, and with clear progression opportunities, she feels that Dataplan fits the bill!

Three weeks in, she has great confidence in the training being provided, “There is a great deal of safety and security in what we do as far as processes and systems. I know I am surrounded by professionals, which is a good feeling.

You feel like we are being invested in, and I know that when I qualify as a Payroll Professional, I can be proud of that title and believe I am one.”

A vibrant learning environment

With such a large cohort starting simultaneously, it enabled us to have a group-based learning programme. This approach has gone down well with our recruits.

Mya Albany, who came from a career in childcare, explained, “the experience so far has been excellent. It is very supportive, and they took time to find the best learning styles for people.”

Nicola Tilby echoed this sentiment, “No question is too silly to ask. I was worried I would be out of my depth as it is so different from my previous role, but I needn’t have worried; everyone has just been brilliant.”

A chance to pursue their preferred career

Although for some, payroll has been a definite career switch, for others, it has provided the chance to pursue the career they always wanted. Jonathan Dickinson had been working in the civil service but had been looking for an opportunity to work in a field that was more suited to his degree in Business Management and Accountancy. He explained,

“I now feel I am on the right career pathway for me. I am really enjoying the training, and it feels good to be in a job I see myself doing long-term.”

Our trainers’ perspective

Karen McCue, our education trainer, explained why she thinks it works so well. “No one feels isolated, and they are learning from each other as well as the trainers.”

Another of our trainers, Wendy Lashbrook, added, “the positive energy and enthusiasm they have brought to the group makes me know that these are ‘Dataplan’ people and will fit so well into our teams”.

The trainers are committed to making ongoing tweaks and improvements, producing an even better experience for our next cohort!

We look forward to following the progression among the team and wish them well in gaining their Payroll Professional qualification.