Managed Payroll Service

A least change solution, with the option to evolve

Many schools come to us, anxious that a provider is going to disrupt their school systems and processes. They may have had experience of a provider enforcing a rigid way of working in the past. The concern over the switching process for something as time-sensitive as payroll is understandable.

So our processes and systems have been deliberately designed to wrap around what you are already doing and make the change-over experience hassle-free.

We start with an in-depth conversation about your current process and systems. It may be that you want to make changes, or prefer to have a least change proposition initially. Whatever your preference, we can ‘wrap around’ your current systems. We don’t enforce our rigid solution on you.

Going forward we can work with you to develop improved efficiencies and better workflows and we like to work in partnership with our clients, giving us the opportunity to challenge and make recommendations and help our clients benefit from our innovation and expertise.

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