We have a Bible here at Dataplan Payroll

We have a Bible here at Dataplan Payroll

Well, actually we have several, but the one that I’m currently referring to is pretty much the be all and end all of Payroll for Education. Its divine teachings have, on many occasions, saved helplessly overwhelmed Payroll Professionals from the nice men in white coats with cuddle-thyself-jackets.

The Green Book. Cue angelic spotlight and pre-pubescent choir boys.

Of course, if actually printed in book form it would single-handedly destroy the Amazon Rainforest (and they call it Green – irony is a beautiful thing) so it’s all PDF and New Age-like. But still. Biblical.

The most important teaching? Healing the sick.

Well, paying the sick actually.

While you curl up under a blanket on the couch, Lord of the Rings-ing it up with ridiculous amounts of used tissues, Lucozade and digestive biscuits we, here at Dataplan, are feeling your pain. Because misery truly does love company, my friend. And discerning constitutional teachings of payroll? Not fun.

And what it really boils down to? Loyalty.

And age, in some cases, but mainly loyalty.

For example:

1st year of service = 1 month of full pay. And when you get past the four month marker, 2 months of half pay thereafter. Yay!

2nd year of service = 2 months at full pay and 2 at half.

3rd year = 4 months full: 4 months half.

4th and 5th = 5 months full: 5 months half.

And finally, if you’ve made it above and beyond 5 years of service you are an incredible person and deserve a medal. And flowers. And champagne. The good kind, none of this fizzy wine knock off stuff.

And also, 6 months of full pay and 6 of half.

Welcome to the big leagues, my friend.

The downside? We count holidays and half-terms as part of your entitlement. Sorry! The weekends are sacred though. Nobody touches the weekends. And once you’ve reached a rolling year, we start all over again!

So if you’re sick from January to April in your 3rd year of service, come the following January it’s a clean slate and your full pay kicks in again! Beautiful, isn’t it?

Disclaimer moment: Academies do their own thing so what you’re looking at now is just a guideline. Every generalisation has an exception, I’m afraid! Though, hopefully, you’ll never need to know any of this and will remain happy and healthy and calm and tooth-ache-less ever hereafter.