At Dataplan, we take pride in continually keeping up-to-date with the changing practices of HM Revenue and Customs.

Indeed – we recognise the centrality of HMRC’s stakeholder role in the work that we do; the procedures and expectations of HMRC inevitably have a major effect on the service we give our customers, whether in terms of the processing of RTI submissions, the actioning of new tax codes or the filing of P11D information.

Moreover – even when changes to the customs of HMRC do not directly interact on the work we carry out, we still keenly observe the effect of these changes, as we know that they can still impact significantly on our clients and their employees.

A recent change brought about by HMRC, which our clients might wish to share with their staff members, is the updating of the employment history form.

Many may not know that any individual can apply to receive their National Insurance employment history from HMRC. This information may be required in order for an employee to make a claim for compensation from the Revenue – if they have been subject to an industrial injury, for example, or medical negligence.

The changes to the form are a new return address and a requirement for the claimant to enter contact information. The need for the claimant to send a covering letter with the form, however, has been scrapped – which should make the process of submitting the form easier.

The relevant request form can be accessed here:

We know that dealing with HMRC can be highly bureaucratic and often daunting. However, we at Dataplan are committed to keeping our clients as informed and up-to-date on HMRC-related matters as possible – and to simplify the process of dealing with the tax man as much as we can.

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