Written by Richard Rowell on March 30, 2009

On a number of occasions this year we have had new clients complaining about the service received from the outgoing provider. When serving due notice to the existing provider a customer expects that the contract will come to an end and that the new provider will liaise with the previous provider to ensure a smooth and accurate transfer of data.

Providers now seem to be spotting this as an opportunity to levy exorbitant charges to provide information.

In one case we noted a £500 fee to the customer for providing payroll information. This was equivalent to 4 months worth of processing charges. Provision of employee data and year to date information is a very straightforward process and is almost click of a button with most modern software systems.

We believe this is a dreadful tactic and can do nothing but give a bad impression of our industry. Payroll outsourcing customers, whoever they use deserves to be treated fairly. Is it time for the profession to look to itself and play fair with its customers.

Richard Rowell is CEO of Dataplan and is the driving force behind the growth of Dataplan from a payroll department within a regional accountancy firm, to one of the UK’s leading outsourced payroll providers.

Richard is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals and Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants.